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Great Parts '68 Riv found in a local yard, Austin Tecas

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Hello All,<O:p</O:p

<O:p</O:pI do not own a Riv, but have always loved them. I’m not selling anything either. I’m only reaching out to you to “do the needful” with a NICE Riv I saw while yarding the other day. I’m in Austin Texas, and the car is in the Wrench-A-Part salvage yard in Del Valle, near the Austin airport: http://www.wrenchapart.com/<O:p


<O:p</O:pIt’s a 68 I believe, and is FULL of good parts, including one of the most unique console shifters I’ve seen. Engine and trans are still in it…car is very complete.

<O:p</O:pSeems a real shame to have that car crushed. I gotta think that somewhere there with a column-shift car that would kill for that console setup. That Riv also has the "Strato" bucket seats, same as used in all the mid-size GM musclecars from 68-72, plus the steering column without the shift lever.<O:p</O:p


That place is a pull-it-yourself yard, and is SUPER CHEAP, but they crush often, normally every 30-days, so someone needs to get out there before it goes to waste. <O:p</O:p



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How rare is that four note horn option? Engine, if stock, will be a 430 Buick Big Block. Unique shifter, Formula V wheels, complete hidden headlight assemblies, trim is not bent, finned brake drums, lot of other stuff. The nice thing about this car is that it looks like it's all still stock so chances are it hasn't been butchered.

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Judging by the grille and taillights it appears to be a '69' date=' not a '68. I think the console is unique to '69 as well. If in good shape the potmetal trim at the front of the hood is worth some bucks.[/quote']

Correct, it is a '69, close cousin to a '68, and a majority of the sheet metal, and exterior trim pieces are shared on these model years.

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