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1954 Special 3-speed model 48-D

Pete Phillips

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I've had this car for almost two years now, 63,000 actual miles, the white paint is original; blue on the roof is close to the original color, but I got tired of looking at mostly surface rust on the roof, so had that part painted some months ago. Yesterday, I got tired of looking at the rusty moulding clips and missing sweepspear moulding in front of the left rear wheel, so I installed replacements. Took me @#$*@ near all day to do it, given all the interruptions/phone calls/e-mails I get in connection with the Bugle (NOT complaining, just telling why it took all day!). Of course, you have to take out the back seat completely, then the window garnish moulding has to come out, then the armrest and the interior quarter panel, then the metal access panel, then the four moulding nuts are just barely reachable, and of course most of them break and spin in place. When you get it all apart and the new moulding and clips installed, then you have to put it all back. I started around 9 a.m. and finshed the job by 5 p.m.--sheesh!!!! Sure looks nicer now, though, with the complete sweep spear in place for the first time in many years.

I also found original upholstery material this year and got the front seat reupholstered. The car is a handfull to drive, what with no power steering, no power brakes, and rather rare 3-speed standard shift, but it is surprisingly quick and powerful with its small 264 cu. in. V-8. The car originally came from NW New Mexico, so the body is quite good. I patched the rust in the driver's floorpan this past summer, and was amazed to find an N.O.R.S. textured black rubber floormat on Ebay for $40--an absolutely perfect replacement for the original black rubber floormat.

This is the car I had intended to drive to the national meet in Charlotte, N.C. in June, but the seat wasn't ready in time. Drove it to Dallas and back last month for a Chapter meeting (120-mile round trip), and it did fine. Hooray for the 48-D! That was probably the longest trip it has made under its own power in many, many years.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX.



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Guest shadetree77

Lol. I know what you mean about something taking all day Pete. Sometimes I start out to do something and I think to myself, "Now this should only take an hour or two." Then, of course, it ends up taking ALL DAY for a variety of reasons. That can be frustrating! She's looking good though. I love that black and white/gray(?) interior. I know what you mean about finding a N.O.R.S. mat too! I found one for my '52 on EBAY recently for around the same price and snatched that baby up quick! It's rolled up in a box at my house awaiting future installation. Now if I could just find the mat to go in the back floorboard. By the way, just how many Buicks do you own Pete? :D

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I own a 48D, 3 on the tree, no PS or PB for me. 38000 original miles. She has been repainted. New interior. No NORS floor mats though. Need to find some on ebay! She is stock right out of the box. I did add a under dash radio. Headliner replaced with original gray napped cotton. She is a handful at times to drive with the bias ply tires. Longest trip I have taken was 200 miles.


Before shot and after shot of my headliner. This was as time consuming as your trim. Well worth it. Note that I replaced the windlace with new. It is black in color and not gray as original. I liked it better.




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You mean to tell us Lamar missed one such car?

Sweet lil Special Pete. I love this lil c-dan, these Arctic White with dark color roofs just look so clean and bright. But this was another case of transport exceeding the cost of the car. I knew of this one but Pete was closer, not mention my not having the funds at the time. Pete has again taken a diamond in the rough and polished it up just enough to make a nice mostly original and very enjoyable car. I'm hoping to catch him in a weak moment and still get the car to Buick Gardens though. Working on enclosing a pole barn now, just in case.....

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