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1923 Buick 54 Wire Wheel and Convertible Top Questions


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Hello all,

Visited with my father-in-law this past weekend. He was able to make the sunshield adjustment bolts that I had asked about here before, so thank you for the help in that area. Now we have some new questions.

He has a set of wire wheels that are supposed to be for this car, but no information on if they are in fact correct, and how they are supposed to mount. He had one of the hubs out for us to look at, the rest are in storage. This hub looks like the one in the Buick parts book which identifies this one as a front hub. We found this a bit confusing, as we had assumed it was for the rear, and the flange was for the brake drum. I think we figured out of the, for lack of a better description, locking hub works. He does not have the hub wrench for the wire wheel hub, but we did find some pictures online. Without instructions, I'm assuming that the wrench is placed on the hub, and then the lever in the middle of the span is somehow used to pull up on the pin that holds the locking hub together, thus freeing the hub to be removed, etc. I know this probably sounds confusing...

We are looking for instructions, pictures, etc to verify he has the correct parts, and how to properly install them.

Secondly, we are trying to determine if the clamp used to hold the convertible top in its stowed position is correct for the car, as well as how it is to be mounted and used. There is a post sticking out of the side of the body, behind the door, that we believe is where this clamp goes.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance!





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As you indicated that you think the wire wheels are for this car, and you have the hubs. So, it seems that the car has wooden wheels now. You probably know, there were three options for wheels. The Buick wooden spoke wheels, Houk wire wheels and Tuare steel disc. The hub you show seems to be for Buffalo Wire Wheels, so someone here more knowledgable for early 20s cars should be of more help if what you have will fit. But, it may be these are not correct.Also, the top bracket, but it sure looks like the right ones (many were interchangable).

hope this works out.


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Thank you for your response. Yes, it currently has the wooden spoke wheels, for which he had to make all the spokes. The wire wheels are from the Wire Wheel Corp. of America, Buffalo, NY, which I believe was the company that came after Houk. The image in the Buick parts book for the wire wheel hub looks like this one, but it is pretty hard to see any real detail in that book.

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You are right about the flange it`s for the brake drum,but instead of removing them from the wood wheel try to find another ones from 1923 6 cyl.models.There should be no problem to see what`s front or rear becuse this car don`t have front brakes what I know.Front hub has inner and outer ball bearings and rer hub has proberly a roller bearing and a hole for the rear axle with a track.

The clamps should not be on the first sticking ,that`s for the top bow,but the second sticking about 20"-25" from the door, that are for the clamps.

Leif in Sweden.

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The 1923 Model 54 and 55 came standard with (Buffalo) wire wheels (only models that year that did) but, you could special order the standard wood or optional disc in place of them (and you could special order wire wheels on any of the 'lesser' six cylinder cars). A more possible answer is something happened to the wire wheels it came with over the years and they were replaced with the common and available wood spoke wheel (?).

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I also recall something about export cars (export as in overseas, not Canada) all having wire wheels also. Anyone have something on that?

Never had a set of wires so I know little about them, I would suggest doing a search on Buffalo Wire Wheels, as the company supplied a number of OEMs not just Buick.

Can't comment on the top irons, mine are non standard and handmade by someone over the years but I would assume the correct irons are specific to the roadster top and I have a 5 passenger touring (model 45) so couldn't help even if mine were stock.

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What size wood wheels are on the car 23" or 24"? 23" is the correct size for the 54 and 55 cars. All other 6cyl models use 24"

Most 54's came with wire 1922 54 was standard with wire, 23 may be the same. As for top holders, on the back of the body there should be aluminum strips to protect the

body when the top is down, I don't know if it should have bow holders, will check the 23 parts book later.


22-6-55 Sport Touring

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I happen to own the unrestored 23 Buick model 54 on display at Hershey a year ago.............the top on the 54 lays on the rear top rack bars, mounted by slotted dome screws to the rear deck. A lether strap then holds the top down to the deck to prevent blowing in the wind. The body on my car has two plugs mounted into the body were there was no mount installed. If you would like pictures, please email me at vintagemotorcar@aol.com and I would be happy to supply some.

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