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Does anyone recognize this Buick at Frank Lloyd Wright house?

Reatta Man

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There was a story in the NY Times about a Frank Lloyd Wright house scheduled for destruction in Phoenix. The slide show had several photos when the house was new; one of them was this unusual Buick. I've never seen this side trim; what year is this and is it a stock car or a customized model? post-30838-143139201212_thumb.gif

Here's the link to the slide show containing this photo:

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That "Buick" looks much more like an Olds 98 (with a clear Rocket Olds emblem in one picture which shows the rear of the car). Confirmed by the lh side of it in another picture. The Ford (the dark-colored car) might be a '54 or so.

What I put above is what I pulled from the address for the article. "Frank Lloyd Wright New York Times Phoenix" is what I put into Yahoo! to get to the article. Click on "Slideshow" to get to the 8 pictures, which you can view individually.

Thanks, Reatta Man, for the article!

A pretty neat house!


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