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Lots of pre war Studebaker Owner's manuals for sale

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I am paring down my collection of Studebaker owners manuals. Below a list of manuals I have for sale (also shown in the image above). They are priced at $22 each plus $3 postage. If interested in a bulk deal let me know and I will consider selling all to a single buyer. These are guaranteed to be original manual, no reprints and in good condition. I also have a master set of all Studebaker Manuals from the Electrics thru the 1966 models. While the master set is not for sale I will be glad to reprint any of them so contact me for price and details if there is one you are looking for. My email rtq11@aol.com

Original owners manuals for sale. 1934 President model C 16 pages; 1934 Special Dictator model A 16p; 1934 Dictator De Luxe model A16ages; 1934 Commander model B 16 pages; 1935 Commander model 1B 20 pages; 1935 Dictator model 1A 20 pages;1935 Dictator model 2A 20 pages (dirty cover); 1936 Dictator model 6A 20 pages; 1938 Commander model 7A 20 page.

Also have a 1914 Four manual, 64 pages (like a mini shop manual). Price $40. Photo on request.

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