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1924 Automobile - Need Help to Identify

Guest tfb

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We can across this antique auto and our trying to identify.

The engine has the number 4-18-24 and another place it says 4-24-24, so we are assuming it is from 1924.

It was a 2 door. I think the door handles are brass.

Wooden spoked tires.

Engine block numbers "Firing Order" "1-4-2-6-3-5" "120459 with a 3 under those numbers"

Engine Block numbers other side top "4-18-24" "120445-2"

Front silver piece "43518-4" "F H" "4-24-24"

Transmission(?) 44769-1

My brother said the serial number was 8241....but I didn't have a photo of it, and didn't get a chance to see it.

I have attached some photos, but have more available. Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you~











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This is a 1923-24 Studebaker Model EM Light 6. The aluminum cylinder head oldford mentions was used on the 1921-22 Model EJ and can easily be identified because the intake manifold was cast into the head and the carburetor was attached to the head. The cylinder block was revised for 1923 to accept a conventional intake manifold which this engine has. The cylinder head was changed to cast iron at this point. (Ask any restorer of a Model EJ if that aluminum head has given them headaches and you will likely get an emphatic yes.) The exposed flywheel and set back transmission are carryovers from the EJ but the changes to the engine definitely make this an EM. The clutch and transmission were in unit with the engine with the introduction of the Model ER in 1925.

The serial number plate is on the left frame rail behind the front wheel and will have seven numbers. For 1923 starting number was 303---- to 3075---; 1924 was 3075--- to 312----.

The number 4 18 24 is the casting date of the block - April 18, 1924. 120445 is the part number for the block and the -2 means that it is the second revision to the design.

What remains of the body may indicate it is what Studebaker called a Coupe Roadster.


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