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Is that suppose to be a scooter?

Guest jrmond

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Yamaha Townmates were made from '83 until '95 but were never a US market bike, so someone brought it over from (probably) the UK. It's "modern" so if you go for this make sure it has paperwork or it's absolutely one to "pass" on.

They are not really desirable in terms in being a collector's item. Sourcing parts for 17 year old European market Yamaha could be interesting. I doubt you'd find much (if any) dealer network support stateside. Even in the UK, I'm not sure what the parts sources would be like and how long the Yamaha dealer network will support these.

These aren't worth very much money, so you could be really upside down on this quickly if you tried to restore it.

If you want something that style, a Honda Passport would be a much better option, in my opinion, especially if you want to ride it on regular basis. They were sold in the US for many years and came in several different colors (red, yellow, blue, etc...). Honda dealers usually can/will be able to obtain parts for them. They are virtually bullet-proof.

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