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Happy Riviera Day! -- Riviera 50th Birthday -- October 4th (Tomorrow)


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Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the iconic Riviera, at the Paris Auto Show on October 4th, 1962. The '63 Riviera was called "America's Bid for a Great New International Classic Car" and was originally intended to be a Cadillac LaSalle. Prices started at $4,330 with a long options list, and production was limited to 40,000 cars, of which virtually all were sold.

Here is a link to a video from this 1962 Paris Auto Show. PARIS MOTOR SHOW 1962 - British Pathé Look for the Riv around the 2:02 mark. Don't blink, only about 3 seconds of frames. I guess the Brits didn't view this iconic car the way we do! The video also has a quick view of the modern alternator being introduced as well. Hmmm... also wonder about the state of the crash-testing science at that time --- the crash-test dummy was a long time in the future from this video.

Below, a photo from the Paris Auto Show and the poster.



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