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Some `67 Riv GS questions..


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Hi All,

A friend just picked up a time capsule `67 GS and called with a few questions, trying to help him out..

Did the GS model have a different part number on the AC compressor tag because it had a deep groove pulley?

Did the GS models come with heavy duty springs and shocks included with the GS option or did they need to be ordered separately as with the `65 H2 option? I seem to remember the factory literature states the heavy duty suspension was part of the option package but I vaguely remember comparing standard and GS build sheets and finding a GS build sheet with standard springs/shocks which contradicted the factory lit?

Were the a-pillar interior moldings chrome in the custom models like previous years or did the moldings change as part of ongoing safety features in `67 like the dash, sunvisors, etc..?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Tom Mooney

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Tough question on the A/C decal. If I had to make an educated guess I'd say the decal model # was the same whether a 5" dia or 5-3/4" dia pulley was used with the latter on 3.42 equipped cars. I'm thinking the compressor model may not have been inclusive of what pulley was installed.......but there would have had to be some identifier on the production line. My 67 GS had the original compressor and pulley. I had the compressor rebuilt with specific instructions not to deface the original decal even though repops were available. When considering using a repop decal, I compared the two and recall there being a subtle difference and think, hope, if the MO number was different that would have been a blaring problem. That difference would have stood out to me. While that was several years ago, I am fairly certain the model#s matched or I would have noted it.....but can't say with 100% certainty. I believe the difference in decals was more related to cosmetics vs incorrect data. Unfortunately I don't think I have any close up pics of the decal but will check this evening.

The heavy duty suspension was included with GS as standard. Never saw any facts to contradict that.

I had a plane-jane standard interior 67 that had painted trim moldings around the head liner and A-pillars. I always thought standard interior cars had painted moldings and the deluxe interiors had the shiney anodized aluminum but honestly, I've never verified that.

It'd be great to see some pics of the "time capsule" car.

Found pic but part of the number isn't legible.


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Thanks for the replies. Star Wars air breather is in place. I mentioned the metal strap on the underside of the hood (thought it was over the larger diameter 3:42 AC comp. pulley??) but have not received any feedback. Anything else I might look for to determine that this is, in fact, an original `67 GS ???

Tom Mooney

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If you have the Fisher Tag info go ahead and post it. If the tag info doesn't confirm it, there may be one other method we can use.

When vetting a 67 GS, no hood insulation retainer is a red flag for close scrutiny. More often the air cleaner is missing but the all important band is left behind on the car. Rarely does the band get taken off and discarded but of course anything is possible. I have seen countless starwars air cleaners for sale over the years but NEVER with the band included. So anyone cloning a GS nearly always forgets or is unaware of the band. It is specifically to keep the insulation from rubbing the paint off the air cleaner.

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Thanks for the reply Jason. No pic of the Fisher Body tag. What should he be looking for?

No pic of the underside of the hood but a pic of the air cleaner shows no deterioration of the paint on the unit, so??

I know it should also have a 3:42 posi and I am assuming, without checking a shop manual,etc, that the code on the trans should be a BS code?

Original owner car so I urged the new owner to look for a build sheet, specifically under the dash to the left of the steering wheel.

Anything else?

Tom Mooney

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Look for a P in the last option line for example 5 K P. If its an early to late/middle production date, the GS will have the P on the tag. At some point nearing the tail end of production, the P disappeared from the tag. I'd have to do some digging to find out about when it was. Probably the last 3 months or so.

PY stamp on the driver side bottom axle tube indicating 3.42 limited slip.

Trans is BT no matter if its GS or non GS. Post back if you still can't confirm it with this information.

Probably a 10% chance the build sheet will be there but certainly worth checking.

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