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I have found that the book "Graham Legacy Vol 1" is available for sale at various sites.

I have never seen the book. Is there much information on the Graham Bros trucks in this book? I was told that chapter 4 is titled "Tractors and Trucks.

Would this be a good refference book for my collection?

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Yes it is an excellent reference, not so much about the individual truck lines but more on company ( Graham history ) history.

Sent you an e-mail on where to get it without paying the ridiculous asking prices online

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I agree the book is a great read. It has won several awards. It is a snapshot of the 1920's, Graham Brothers world, from their automotive beginnings till 1932. Lots of great pictures and details of the automotive developments. There is a second book also, 1932 till the sale of the automotive holdings in the 40's.

Of course Michael Keller is a friend of mine (the author) so I have some bias...

The Graham Legacy: Graham-Paige to 1932: Michael E Keller,Michael E. Keller: 9781563114700: Amazon.com: Books

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