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Continental C400 Engine


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Sorry not to've replied earlier--haven't been in the site for a few days...

(1) Cont'l C400s, AS SUCH, listed in my 38 Victor a 4cyl 33/8x4, were not a very popular engine...along with your Beacon, a few were put into Angleworm tractor model 10 1935-36, Divco truck model R 34-35 and model S 36-37 (1-11/2Ton)...I also have a note they're in "Fageol #9 36-37", but my source note doesn't match (that model # sounds like a Fageol farm tractor, not a truck, but it's too late in the day to go thru catalogs with Fageol listings).

HOWEVER: that Victor shows the C400 shares bore, stroke and some gaskets with the C4143 (truck engine) and its power unit version PC143 (if there's a farm/ag/ind'l/const version it'll be C143)...you need to email Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Monte's eqpmt in Chicago (Obsolete Cont'l parts dealers) to see if another block can be used in the event the C400 was the parent of a seriies of C-engines. (Cont'l was famous--infamous??--for giving basically the same engine different designations for different customers befor getting into the truck/ind'l/pu designations).

garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com.

(2) "cracked beyond repair"---unless you've gotten a professional opinion you might be surprised at the repairs a liberal application of money can accomplish. With sympathy, Bud

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If you're still looking for a C400 block, was in Gray marine engines looking for something else in a 1928-40 McCord gasket catalog that just came in and find several Grays were C400s:

Gray C4, C5, 4-40 (sometimes called Four 40), 62 (may also be called 4-62 or Phantom 62) and 143 all show as C400. (Catalogs differ on these designations, not unusual in parts catalogs).

If you're in the club you might pass on that Gray also used the C600:

Gray Phantom Lt 6, 6-51 and 6-62 all show as the C600.

They may've used them in other models, as I don't have a comprehensive Gray list in any of my catalogs.

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