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Ignition / Tune-up Parts - '51 Packard Patrician, 327 w/ Auto-Lite electrics

De Soto Frank

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Am trying to help a friend out with his first Packard, a '51 Patrician. 327 straight-eight, Auto-Lite electrics.

Somewhere along the way, someone has bodged a different set of points into the original AutoLite distributor.

We are looking for correct points, condensor, etc.

Does anyone have Part numbers, preferably Standard Ignition / Blue Streak ?

Thanks !

De Soto Frank

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OE Distributor # IGP-4502C

Cap OE # IGP-1003, Shurhit # C124, P&D # AU-104, Niehoff # AL87

Rotor OE # IGP-1016B Shurhit # D104 P&D # AU-95, Niehoff # AL86

Points Set OE # IGP-3028KS, Shurhit # A83 or 83, P&D # AU-18-26, Niehoff # AL77-94

Condensor OE # IG-2671K, Shurhit # G122, P&D # AUC-116, Niehoff # AL47

Let me know if your looking for the parts as well. I can help you.

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