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Air ride -58 Buick

Guest Kejsaren

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Guest Kejsaren


I thought about installing air suspension on my 1958 Buick Limited.

Does anyone know where to find a modern air ride kit for a 1958 buick to buy or if there is someone who has done that modification on the car

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Guest Kejsaren

HEHE how can you see everything Allan? :)

I bought it in july and get here home last weekend from California.

when the car is standing on the shopfloor it is 76cm from the floor to the ​​left center moulding and on the right side 83cm:mad:

must do something about that, quickly.

below is a picture of the car at the sellers home


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ALL of the modern air suspension kits require a great deal of modification to your existing suspension items. If you want it to "dance", that's even MORE stuff to add, like auxilary air tanks. Even if you want to maintain the stock ride height, it's a huge amount of work and not very inexpensive to do. I know that some people like them, but I've not seen the alleged improvement in handling on the videos I've seen on them when on a road course.

If it's weakened/sagged springs which is causing "the lean", then you can add some rubber shims under the spring to compensate somewhat. At least in the states, those rubber spacers were quite common in earlier times. You might find some in some of the suspension parts websites, like "Springs 'n Things", or similar. Or you could order up a set of factory replacement springs from Detroit Eaton Spring and be done with it. Add some heavier-duty shocks to round out the package.

Take care,


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Guest Rob McDonald

"76cm from the floor to the ​​left center moulding and on the right side 83cm"

Clearly, the long-time owner had a very fat wife. Lucky man! =>:^)

Adding my advice to Nitix's, just put new coil springs in this wonderful old car and enjoy the ride that only a Buick could provide. Hey, that could have been a jingle!

Edited by Rob McDonald
Oops, other way around - he was fat, she was thin (see edit history)
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