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Could someone who has stainless steel trim rings for a postwar Chrysler (mine is a '48 Windsor Sedan) help me? I'm trying to find trim rings for my driver, but I find the people on eBay often are not sure what they have. I need to know the dimensions of the trim rings that fit my 15" wheels ( 7.60x15 tires) with 11" hub caps (in other words, I need the outer diameter of the trim ring and the diameter of the center opening where the hubcap goes). I know Chrysler made a 10" hubcap because I have one (came with the car) though it doesn't fit anything I have. I'm guessing there are Chrysler trim rings out there that fit some wheel (14"?) with a 10" hubcap. I do not want to pay money for what will not fit. I see on eBay a set of trim rings the guy thinks fit a postwar Chrysler, but he descibes them as 15" outside diameter and 9 3/4" inside opening. My 15" wheels are actually about 16 3/8" in diameter, so I'm guessing these are for a smaller wheel and a smaller hubcap ( maybe the 10"). I am only guessing, though, because I do not have a trim ring to measure. Could someone actually measure their 15" wheel's stainless steel trim rings outside diameter and inside opening?

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