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The Team Captain is supposed to look at the vehicles to make sure that the field judges are judging correctly. Not nit-picking but also not letting deductions slide. When they do that they will "make a mental note" of things that the person judging that area of the car might have a question about. Especially if the Team Captain know that the component would warrant a deduction.

If the field judge does come and ask about it then the Team Captain will approach the owner, or the person there with the vehicle, and ask for documentation. If the field judge does not ask about it then the Team Captain will ask the field judge if they noticed the item and if a deduction was taken, and it is in line with what would be fair, then documentation would not be asked for. If no deduction was taken then the Team Captain would tell the field judge their question about the item and then ask for the documentation.

The rule is that if the owner does not have documentation then the Team Captain can accept or reject the opinion of the owner. And if the Team Captain, and no one on the team, are not 100% sure that a component is wrong we are not to deduct.

Proof of correctness is the burden of the owner.

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On the Show Field what determines whether a Judging Team ask the owner for documentation or just make the deduction and silently slip off into anonymity?

Thanks for your response.

When the team captain comes up to you right before they judge your vehicle simply tell him if there are any questions regarding authenticity on anything to please see you. It is up to you to have the documentation on your vehicle to be able to show and answer his question(s). I have been through the process many times with my 55’s accessories.

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I have put a couple of cars through the AACA mill and have been fortunate to receive the award I was after. I have always had the car history and any unusual features documentation with me. But at close to 20 functions I have never been asked by the judges for any clarifications or documentation. While at a meet in Florida the vice president of judging was giving a tour to other VP's, he asked if I would open my hood so he could point out some engine features to the entourage. After viewing they thanked me and moved on. One of the VP's came back and asked me about the rear curtain window(which was rather fancy) I said it was factory correct. He asked if I had documentation to show that, so I showed him a copy of a period automotive journal article on "How to identify autos from the rear". My car was identified and the rear curtain clearly shown. After thanking me he said "your car has been frequently discussed at judging seminars as having a questionable or incorrect rear window and apparently no one ever spoke to you about it, I will clear this up at the next meeting". Rather than let this question lay around for two or three years and be dragged thru several seminars why wouldn't a judge or the team captain speak up to me as the the VP did ? I do my homework and am able to accept justifiable criticism.--Bob

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