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'63 Temperature Control Lever Broken & Then Fixed


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Good day all,

My latest science project has been to repair the broken temperature control lever on my '63. As most know, pressing too hard on the under dash control lever, when the water valve is rusted shut, often results in breakage of the lever itself. After seeing several others attempt and fail a repair, I decided to re-create the broken lever, rather than repair it.

I've been working on this for about 3 weeks now. As of today, I finally re-installed the whole unit in the car and tested it. All is working just fine.

Attached are a series of pictures showing what I did. The first picture shows the lever that is broken. This is the 2nd spot from the left in the under-dash control unit (marked Temp).

The second picture shows the JB Weld curing. I needed to get the lever back into shape so that I could copy it. Although, the JB Weld quite possibly could have worked to fix this, I decided to go all the way.

The 3rd picture shows the drawing I made. I carefully traced and measured the lever, making sure to compensate for the length of the bends. I then gave this drawing to a friend who cuts metal for a living, and asked for 2 or more copies (in case I goofed one up). He said that he could use his 5-axis machine for this cut.

The 4th picture shows 2 newly cut levers next to the original. The first is the flat cut he did. The second lever is after after I ran it though my vise to bend it to the correct angles.

The 5th picture shows the new lever re-installed in the control unit, after it was completely disassembled, cleaned and lubed. To re-connect the lever to the controls, I used some threaded screws and E-nuts to hold it in place.

My next adventure is to replace the snapped driver-side vent cable.







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Muy Excellante!!

I think you've hit a mother load here. I had to search high and low to find a bunch of different units that each had one good arm on it and then combine them to make one good one. My arms are still made of pot metal though.

Now that that's done, just make sure that the temp control valve itself is in good working condition and that all of your cables are corrosion free and the wires slide easily through the housings.

Did you make up a drawing for each of the other five levers? I have a feeling others will be asking for them.

Let me look at my parts cars for that driver's side cable for you.


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Sorry, I didn't do drawings for the other 5. I wanted to, but also needed to make sure that the first one worked. Maybe sometime I'll come across a unit that I can disassemble and make drawings from. I did see one on evil-bay for $65, but the pictures revealed that someone butchered it severely trying to fix all the broken levers.

I do have a new cable on order, though, but the order was delayed a bit. The guy emailed back saying he had a family health emergency and asked if I could wait a couple weeks, or he would refund my money. I figured if he was that honest, then I should work with him and wait the couple weeks.

Thanks Ed for the help, but I should be ok when my order comes in.

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If you're really considering doing all six levers, I have a unit just like the one you had. Broken temp control but all the other five levers are good on it. If you'd like to disassemble it, make your drawings, and create some prototypes, I'll let you use it. The only thing I'd ask is that you reassemble it and return it when you're satisfied with what you come up with. (And remember me when I need to buy a new lever :)) Let me know. All you'd need to do is pay for shipping.


PS - I might also have some cables that could be salvaged on one of my parts cars if your other avenues fall through.

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Yo Chuck, me again.

This morning a fellow ROA member sent me something that he's been keeping in his emails for five years or so. It's a very detailed set of drawings w/ instruction on remaking all of the control arms for a '63. I can't get it to paste and copy to the forumn, but if you'll email me, using the email address in the Riview (Trustees page) I'll forward them to you. It might be well worth looking into.


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