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information on t 10 3 speed manual trans?


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From what I understand, the Borg-Warner T-10 transmission was a 4-speed manual trans, used originally in Chevy Corvettes in the later 1950s as their first 4-speed trans. It was made from an existing 3-speed manual trans. I suspect that what you might have is a B-W T-85 3-speed, instead.

Head over to www.wildaboutcarsonline.com and do the free registration. Then proceed to Brand Central > Buick > Factory Publications > Service Manuals > 1964. That'll get you to the scans of the 1964 Buick Chassis Service Manual. Your Wildcat will be "4600" in the listings . . . the similar 3-speed in a Skylark is the "4400" variation. In "4600 Synchromesh" scroll down to page 4-33 and that'll be where you'll find the service information on your trans. All GM manual transmissions with ANY type of shift synchronization were termed "Synchromesh", even if it was only on the top gears, with low gear "unsynchronized".

When you get to the "1964 Service Manuals" page, click on the "Part 1" section. Next page will have the various files of the Part 1 section. Look for >> File name "Buick_Service_Manual_Section_4-1.pdf

LOTS of information archived on that website!



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