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Old Fulton Company One man Tow bar

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I got this Tow bar with a lot of parts from a Dealership that opened in the late 1920's. I've had it hanging around the shop for a while and figured it would be better in some one elses collection than mine. It's in really good shape with very minimal surface rust. Most of it still has it's original green paint and red screw handles. It's made by the Fulton Company and says One Man Tow Bar on the side. It's all Factory and doesn't look broken or repaired. Nothing looks missing either.

It clamps right over a flat blade bumper so that would lead me to believe teens to mid 1930's.

I have no Idea what the value is on it so I decided to run it through ebay. Starting bid is 99.99. I will gladly bring this to Hershey with me for you to pick up.

The link to the auction with a bunch of Photos is 1915-1940 Fulton Factory tow bar Vintage Nice Original Ford Packard Hudson Chevy | eBaypost-43003-143139194773_thumb.jpg





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