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A Friend needs VIN help!

R W Burgess

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Hey guys, can you help my buddy Gene out? Read below.........


Do you know where the vin number is on a 1930 Model A Cabrolet convertible? I just added one to my stable. I inherited it when my uncle passed away. It has the same engine set up my '32 had in it ('32 Ford engine w/Riley 2-port o/h valve hd, etc ) but it also has a 1984 Ford F150 transmission in it with overdrive and a Ford F100 steering box. Here in Colorado when you bring in a car from out of state you have to have the VIN verified before you can title it. I've looked everywhere for it and can't find it. The title has a VIN number on it but I sure can't find it on the car. I went to 'ask.com' and several people said it is on top of the frame on the drivers side, just aft of the front body bolt post but is between the body and the frame and you can't see it with the body on the frame. Now that makes a lot of sense! I am joining the local Model A club here in Loveland but haven't been to the first meeting yet to ask them. Sure looks funny seeing that old Model A sitting in the garage next to the Corvette! Tell everyone I said 'hey'!


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The original engine number is the serial number (not technically called a VIN in those days). If the engine has been changed, the serial number is not visible on the car without removing the body from the car. Most states allow you to fill out a form to change the engine number, which would then result in a new title with the new engine number on the title as the serial number, which would possibly be a good fix for your friend's situation, if the family can execute an engine number change with the state DMV where the car is currently titled.

A lot of folks over the years have taken brass tags, engraved the title serial number on the tags and nailed the tags to the floorboard. Not the most secure method, but it beats removing the body to see a number that may or may not be visible after 80 some years. I have no idea if this will suffice for the Colorado officials. It sounds like your friend may have a difficult time getting the car registered.

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