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Exploded view on the -63 Dynaflow?

Guest Lasse

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I´m going to battle with my leaking tranny, and would like to have all possible data on my foe. Does anyone have a lead on exploded view -pictures or any other pictures/drawings that could be of use? Also, if some wizard can out of the hat just tell me which seal is leaking when the leak comes somewhere between the oil pan and the drive shaft, would save me some grey hair?

Thanks guys.


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Guest Steeleco


My wife found this Dynaflow shop manual on line. I'm not sure if it has to much about replacing seals. I recently had my tailshaft seal replaced on my 63 riv transmission. That took care of my problem. It is an easy repair. I posted a couple pictures from the manual.post-85701-143139193356_thumb.jpg



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