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I own an 89 LeSabre T type. I'm thinking about a motor swap. Nothing exotic, just a same-same deal maybe with some minor performance enhancements on the new motor if there are such things. The reason for my post is I'm hoping some of you veterans could point me to some resources to help me get a handle on this. Maybe some web sites, or manuals that break this operation down. Thanks in advance for your support.

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T-Keiths website is good, try it. A few suggestions if you are building an engine. Use the vin "L" pistons which will give you about .5 more compression ratio. My suggestion is Silv-o-Lite #1744 pistons as they seem more consistant in the size of the dish compared to other brands I looked at. Get a good three angle valve job, porting is optional. Open up the hole inside the "log" part of the rear exhaust manifold where the outlet pipe is welded on. You will see it is a lot smaller than the actual pipe outlet. Use only the stock GM head gaskets. Fel-Pros have too large a hole for the size of the cylinder and will cost you compression ratio. The rest of their gaskets work well. A cone type air filter with a cold air intake helps as well. A few other ideas if you wat to e-mail at the address at the end.

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