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Is this a factory color? If so what color is it?


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post-30596-143139195708_thumb.jpgIt looks blue but could be called grey by some. My reference list the following 1956 colors that might the the one pictured.

* 56D = Electric Blue .... PPG#11503

* 56E = Bedford Blue .....PPG # 11502

* 56F = Cadet Blue .......PPG # 11386

* 56G = Cambridge .......PPG # 11501 don't know if this is blue, grey or some other color

jvelde......your '39 looks like mine..........

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I assume you are talkinmg about the top half of the car, and it looks a lot like a 56 Roadmaster I had once upon a time. Don't know the name of the color but I definitely remember that grey paint. Thats a sweet looking job on that Century, in my humble opinion.

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