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Power steering fluid leak


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Just wondering if power steering pressure switch is a common cause. Rack was replaced, by me, earlier this year along with hoses. Leak doesn't seem to be coming from connections on the rack, but the switch looks wet. It loses fluid quickly while running down the road. Is it very difficult to replace this switch with the rack in the car? Rock Auto has a replacement for $22.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

It is a common source of a fluid leak. It can be done in the car but is problematic to get to. Can be seen from the top, but is a long way down and lots of stuff in the way. Is hidden from view from underneath but is easier to get at.

I surveyed from the top to see electrical connector and location on the rack, and used the new one to select the correct deep socket. Then from below reach around blind and disconnect the connector and remove and replace the switch. If you have a small mirror handy it might make it easier if your not used to working by feel.

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