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Journalist Chris Economaki dies at age 91.

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Chris Economaki a journalist regarded as the authoritative voice in motor sports for decades died Friday Sep 28th, he was 91.

National Speed Sport News where Economaki worked as an editor for more than 60 years, announced his death Friday. It did not release a cause of death. Economaki was known as the "Dean of American Motorsports Journalism," and worked in TV for more than 40 years with stints at ABC, CBS and ESPN. He was part of ABC's first telecast from Daytona International Speedway in 1961. His love of motorsports blossomed as a child and he sold copies of National Speed Sport News as a teenager.

We video taped Chris in 1998 speaking with Duke Nalon and Emil Andres at the Harry A. Miller Meet in Milwaukee, WI as they discussed great times in Indianapolis racing years past. Another end of an era.


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