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I'll second Advanced Plating.

Our region took a tour last fall, the owner was fantastic and spent 1/2 day with us explaining everything.

We were all impressed:

Photos of inside advance platting are at


the photos in the beginning are of Advanced, later shots are of a speeds shop and Lane museum

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Absolutely, positively and with out a doubt do not use AIH Chrome of Debuque Iowa.

I sent them a set of headlight buckets from my 36 Dodge Panel in early 1999.

First they lost the shipment and claimed it never arrived there. Then after my return receipt showed they had been delivered they found them. And so began 18 months of regular corespondent wondering where my headlight buckets were and when they would be returned. After multiple letter and phone calls they shipped then back after I paid them $ 888 dollars (almost twice what they quoted.). When I got the buckets back the job had only been partial done: all the internal parts were in a bag and had not been mounted in the buckets. Some of the parts were partially chromes and other were chromed together as one part. It was a nightmare come true.

When I wrote to them asking how they could have done such a poor restoration they never had the courtesy to write back or call me. I do have all the documentation regarding this if anyone is interested.

I have no doubt this is one place to keep your parts away from.

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I can offer 2 recommendations for plating. A few years ago I had the bumpers on my '41 Cadillac replated by Librandi's near Harrisburg PA (todd@carchrome.com) and they did a fine job at a reasonable price. The following year I needed replating of the barrel headlights on my '27 Rolls-Royce but they had some lettering on them which required re-engraving. Librandi's could not do engraving so after contacting a few other platers and getting the same story, I finally located Advanced Custom Chrome in Erie PA (chris@advancedcustomchrome.com) who said they could do the work. I dropped off the headlights personally on my way to upstate NY and the owner, Chris, gave me a tour of the place, quite a fine operation with tooling machines you wouldn't imagine. They can fabricate just about anything you need at a fair price. I was very pleased with the results and can highly recommend them. Both places had about a 3-month turnaround time.


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