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Need a Rear Bumper for 1959 Edsel Ranger

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I need a rear bumper for a 1959 Edsel Ranger, I have found a few Edsels that are being parted out but either the rear bumper is missing or in worse shape than the one I already have. Purchasing one that has been re-chromed doesnt make much since either since a shiny new bumper would be the brightest thing on the ole girl. I live in WV and I am willing to purchase an entire car if the price is right as there are other things that are needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try Jack's Auto Ranch in Watertown Wisconsin. It is a salvage yard west of Milwaukee. He has a lot of Edsels. There must have been a successful Edsel dealer in the area. He even had a few 1960 models. Jacks Auto Ranch Online Good luck!

Thanks alot I appreciate it I sent them a request so well see if they have what I need. I have also tried to contact DVAP but never got any response from them for some reason. Thanks again.

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