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Parts for 1964 Riviera


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I'm in need of a couple of items for my '64 Riviera.

1) The resistor that goes with the rear window defroster. The resistor from other models with a blower may work as well. I dont' have a parts book or reference for this.

2) A switch for the power antenna. When I got the car, someone apparently swapped in a switch from a '63 for the original. The arm on the switch for the '63 is too long and the knobs do not align. <VAR id=yiv849099391yui-ie-cursor></VAR> Along with the switch, I also need the correct thumb knob that goes with it. The '64 knobs are flatter on the back than the '63 knobs. (attached picture shows my dilemma.)

If you have both or either of these parts, please send me a PM with description and price.



post-50017-143139189572_thumb.jpg<VAR id=yiv849099391yui-ie-cursor></VAR>

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Ed, are 64 & 65 the same?

I believe I still have 1 or 2 panels with some switches and knobs still on them. One is a 65, not sure on the other.

I will check them this week end and let you know.

I'll shoot you an e-mail Sunday and let you know what I find.


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Guest n2buick
If there's an extra Courtesy Light switch for a 64, I'm looking for one as well. Actually any on/off switch works. I don't need the whole panel though...

I did find a couple single action switches as well.

I can check them with an Ohm meter this weekend and let you know if they're still good.


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