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Guest PontiacDude210

This summer I started on the long journey of fixing up a high mileage, MI driven 1990 Reatta hardtop. I've gotten the motor & trans tuned up, the interior cleaned out pretty well, the factory sunroof now works, the power antenna and windows now go up and down all the way, and both headlights come up (DS still needs work though). I also converted the headlights to H4 w/glass lenses and ultra-white fogs. My Uncle and I put a custom exhaust system on it to replace the rusted out factory one, and apparently everyone hates it a lot(that's OK though, I like it). The only rust seems to be in front of the rear wheels, and it is mainly surface rust. I have new brake parts and a new ignition box in the mail, hopefully that comes next week. I have a long way to go with it, I am painting it in the spring when I get my tax return, and it needs so many little things, like visors, armrest cover, and speakers, but I'm chipping away at it slowly. This car has been the most fun I've had working on a car so far. I got in my 99 Sunfire the other day for the first time in months, and I can honestly say I prefer the ride, power, and handling of the Reatta to that or any other car I've ever owned. Thanks for all the help guys, I'll keep you posted as this project comes together over the winter(hoping to start priming in November).




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