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Saw a Reatta in an Atlanta Pull-A-Part the other day...

Guest 84c10

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Just thought I'd give guys here a heads up in case anyone was local and needed anything, this was the one on Buford Highway, its called Atlanta North. Didn't grab anything myself, but the car was an 89 and looked to be in too good a shape to have wound up there. The only things I saw missing when I was there were the headlights and door mirrors/window parts. Trunk lid was messed up, center caps gone, and front bumper dismounted but there. Still had the CRT, radio control in console, brake control box in trunk, etc... Took a 4 pics in case anyone was interested, but they are huge (~3mb each) and I don't have any software to re-size them on this computer. I can email them if anyone would like them.

Vin # was 1G4EC11C0KB901156 if anyone was interested in the info....

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