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Guest johnny bravo

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Guest johnny bravo

hey how yall doing just finished registering on this club, i just picked up a beutiful 1940 buick special, is going good so far, all but finding parts. im redoing the brakes at the moment and trying to find a new master cylinder, no luck yet, but one company im working with is trying all over the states, the one issue im having is geting the casting number on the master cylinder, its very pitted and really cant make any numbers out, does any one know the numbers for that model or have an idea where to get a single output master cylinder for this thing??

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Guest Grant Magrath

Welcome to the forum! Stacks of great 1940 folk here that I'm certain can help you out. Don't forget to show us some pictures if you want. We love pictures!



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Welcome to the forum

Casting number is not the Buick part number. Sometimes it is:- most times it is not

Brake Master cylinder

Group 4.650 part 5450320 1939 S40 special S60 Century and 1940 S40 S50 S60 S70 [s = series]

Try Dave Tacheny (he should give me a discount as I refer him so often)

Area number is 763 now, not 612

From The Largest Vintage Buick gallery on the web - PreWarBuick.com

The best man on planet Earth for late '30s Buick parts is Dave Tacheny. Believe it! Mail your want list to him at 11949 Oregon Ave. N., Champlin, MN 55316, or call 612-427-3460.

While the first 3 to reply to your request are '39 team member's, we do like 40's (but not as much) :D

And we like photos of straight 8's

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Welcome aboard !!!

You will find a ton of knowledge on these forums. Most of the folks have been where you are. By the way, where are you ?

Seriously, post pic's and write your profile. so we know your background and level of expertise. If your doing a brake job, the parts are out there and any decent shop can reline your old shoes. Spring kits are available and wheel cylinders too. Master cylinder was used for a few years, so that should not be difficult either. Check evil-bay for parts, and don't be afraid to improvise.

Do like Jolly John made me do, and get yourself a parts book AND a mechanics hand book. Both reprints are reasonably priced and well worth the cost.

Mike in Colorado

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