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Help needed my '76 Olds Delta 88 Royale

Guest BubbaK

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Hello to all, this is my first post. I'm looking for some helpful advice with my '76 Olds Delta 88 Royale.

I've been having trouble finding some exterior parts and interior parts. Also some paint scheme advice. My cars color now is Metallic Brown, the colors I'd like to use is metallic Royal Blue for the body ( it does not have the vinyl top was removed due to the metal underneath was starting to rust,the rust was removed but the vinyl top was left off ) and Royal Blue, the original cream color ( the cream is what color the interior is now ) and black for the interior. What are yalls thoughts?

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What are yalls thoughts?

Welcome. Unfortunately, since this is not a particularly popular car to restore, you will find virtually no support in the aftermarket in terms of exterior or interior parts. Good used is about your only option. Fusick.com will have whatever trim parts are available repro. Note that a complete interior color change is an extensive and expensive undertaking. Unless you plan to paint all the plastic trim (and I've had mixed success there), you'll be paying dearly for all the little parts in blue.

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To many, those cars were just "cars" and nobody really suspected they'd be restored in later years . . . back then. They were some great cars, though . . . the last of the big ones, so to speak.

I suspect that about the only exterior parts you might find available will be the bumper fillers for the front and rear bumpers, to replace the plastic ones which have (or most probably will) crack and deteriorate. There are several vendors which sell replacement items in molded fiberglass. Musselmans is one. Otherwise, you'll most likely need to do a salvage yard search of your area/region.

A "radical" color change, as you propose, is a VERY involved situation . . . inside or out. Rather than the blue and cream, going to a gold-type color would probably be a better option as it would still be reasonably close, color-family-wise, to the existing "base color" of the car.

What about the other specs of the car? Just curious . . .

Take care,


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