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F/S: 1900-05 rear entrance tonneau! See photos/info. Free Hershey delivery

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Price: $2,800 Up for sale is something I have never shown publicly,nor offered for

sale. It is an extremely rare original rear entrance tonneau body for

a 1899, 1900,1901,1902,1903,1904,1905 veteran London to Brighton

eligible VCCGB car. I bought it from a gentleman that had fully

restored a circa 1903 Brennan,and did not wish to put the tonneau body

on his car. Instead he showed it as a roadster. Brennan was built in Syracuse N.Y. the home also of Franklin autos. In 1902,1903,1904,and

1905 especially,companies like Autocar,Packard,Peerless,Pierce

Arrow,Stevens Duryea,Knox,Rambler,Ford,Olds,Oldsmobile,Cadillac,Reo,Glide,Apperson,Royal

Tourist,Elmore,Panhard,Daraacq,etc.offered cars that could either be 2

seat roadsters speedsters,or add the tonneau body and make it a 4 or 5

passenger touring car. Most were made of wood. This one is metal over

a wood frame. Some of the wood appears replaced,but the

metal,hardware,door,lock and latch,etc. appears original and

excellent. One of the rear seat bottoms is missing. The very bottom of

the seat base on the outside is 50 inches across. The rear door is 28

1/2 inches high,and 14 inches wide. Facing the front of the seat

assembly,the very front of it is 41 inches from outside edge to

outside edge. The back of the seat assembly on the top at its widest

part is 55 inches across.The bottom wood can be cut and adjusted to

fit your car. I have seen only one other of these for sale loose in 20

years of collecting early cars. This makes your car a 4 passenger

car,and it looks twice as large! Will deliver to Hershey in Oct. for

free,but must be fully paid for now. George

Albright,Ocala,Florida. cell 352 843 1624 From 10 AM to 4 PM EST Email: gnalbright@gmail.com




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