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Ultra Rare 1951 Sedanette

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Found this on EBAY. Not mine and I don't know the owner but WOW! This car is pretty rare with only 1500 produced. This was the last year for the sedanette or "jetback" style. Looks to be in good condition and mostly original. Hope this one goes to a good home with someone who knows just how rare it is. At $15,000 it's definitely out of my price range but for such a rare car it's probably worth it. I included a link to the ebay auction.

Buick : Other SUPER 50 in Buick | eBay Motors


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I have been drooling over that one all week, since it first appeared. This is its second time on ebay in the past couple of years. Beyond my price range, too, unless I sell a couple of cars. What a rare Super. Don't think I have ever seen one of these in person after 30 years of attending Buick meets.

Pete Phillips

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the one on ebay now must be Tim McCormack's car ( name from old thread) as it has the same badge and license plate on the front ( from the edge view I see of the license on the old post). and the serial plate sure seems to read the same to me. ... although its not unheard of for a posting for sale to show pictures of a car 'like the one for sale' ... I don't believe that's the case here. Super Nice car.

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