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'65 Riv Coolant Overflow Tank


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Buick marketed an overflow kit as an accessory for older models at some point which I often see retrofitted to earlier cars. Not sure of the year but I would guess it became available when the cars came standard from the factory with overflow systems. I have an NOS Buick kit and the bracket which mounts the reservoir is very similar, if not identical, to yours. The aftermarket kits also feature a similar mounting bracket and are still available. We have one on the shelf at work because we used them for years on our older trucks which were not equipped with them.

Tom Mooney

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I have a small overflow bottle tucked up in there between the battery and the inside of the drivers fender. It barely fits but it works.



I do not have the normal Group 24 size battery in here. This one is a tad smaller than that (I forget the group number and I am not at home to go look at it). I painted the bottle flat black (it is normally milk bottle white) and it just disappears into the inner fender area.

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Open Google in your browser then click on the 'images' link. Type in 'coolant overflow tank' and you can see pictures many different styles of tanks; some OEM, some aftermarket. Plastic and billet (if that's your cup of tea.) One I saw was from some Toyota Corolla - tall and skinny, easy to slip in somewhere.


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