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More Carburetor Questions-Need Help

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The Schebler Model R on my 1909 Regal will not stop leaking no matter what I try. I thank those who offered help but it appears the problem may be fatal to this carburetor. I have spoken to many over the past week and have been given the advice to get a 'modern' updraft carburetor for the car so I can tour but, so far no one can tell me what kind and make carburetor to get and where I should get one. Has anyone replaced their original carburetor with a modern one? If so, what did you use and where did you get it? The Regal has a four-cylinder 30hp engine but at the moment I do not know the displacement. Would a tractor or a fork lift carburetor work? I am missing a tour this week because of the leaking Schebler but may have one more before the end of the car season. Can anyone help? If so, please provide details. For direct contact email me at edfors@charter.net. Tom

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Have you narrowed the leak down to a specific location? Have you checked all the mating surfaces for trueness? I would still fire a question to Carbking. I seem to remember some Scheblers do have a leaking problem. Carbking could help you on this and probably suggest a good carb to substitute for the Schebler R.

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I have very little data on Regals in my database. In 1913 Regal used a Schebler model L; and by 1916 they obviously tired of Scheblers, and went to Stewart (Detroit Lubricator).

The first use (of which I have any record) of the model R was 1913 on the Marathon. Few manufacturers purchased the model R, so Schebler offered them as replacement units. (Opinion) Of all of the Scheblers, the model R was probably the low point. Installing a model R on an engine with a problem is like tossing an anvil to a drowning man!

As far as a better carburetor is concerned; there are a number of questions which need answers:

(A) engine displacement and rated RPM (would guess around 1200~1500)

(B) carburetor style (updraft or sidedraft, the Schebler R came both ways)

© mounting bolt configuration (number, orientation, and center-to-center spacing)

(D) fuel flow type (gravity feed, or has an electric pump been installed)

(E) carburetor era (are you looking for a brass carburetor of the same era, a later cast iron carb, or a much newer one of zinc alloy)

And, very important to understand, ALL UPDRAFT CARBURETORS ARE PRONE TO OCCASIONALLY LEAK WHEN THE ENGINE IS SHUT OFF, AND GRAVITY FUEL FLOW IS USED! The carburetor should not leak while the engine is running.

We will be closing today for inventory control, but will reopen Monday, 8 October 2012. 573-392-7378 (9-4 Mon-Wed central time) for discussion and no obligation.


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