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'38 Special hood side trim color


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What color should the louvers be for the hood side trim on a 1938 Special? Something like a silvery/grey? (I assume they were originally painted and not plated!)

Has anyone disassembled their trim pieces? I have avoided doing this, since the tabs are so small and look like they might easily break. However, not disassembling means it is difficult to sand and prep for paint.

Any good pictures out there would be appreciated.



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I believe mine are original and are pictured below. I took the first picture below with the flash off and the second one with the flash on. The five horizontal bars appear to be chrome plated steel. The louvers look and feel like anodized aluminum (though I think they might actually be steel finished like anodized aluminum--I didn't check it with a magnet); they are matte silver and feel a little rough to the to touch.



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I disassembled the pieces for painting in so far as I removed the middle stainless but left the top and bottom stainless that is riveted to the louvers. It is time consuming and reassembly was challenging. I had some pitting on the louvers that had to be glazed before repainting otherwise I would say it may be better to spend your time doing a really really good masking job. I used a matte silver.

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