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Who made these cars?

Bob Barrett

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Hi guys,

I have a pamphlet of "automobile specifications and tire price list" that appears to have been generated internally by an unknown dealership. It does not indicate what brand of auto. Obviously they already knew that........but I don't! Since they do reference the models, I'm hoping someone can fill me in on the manufacturer. The models are; "C" , "M" , and "16-6". Judging by the specs. and tire sizes, these appear to be quite early. Thanks in advance for any identification.

Bob :confused:

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"16-6" s sounds like the name of a pre-war British car. It was commonplace as far back as the brass era to name a car based on it's RAC horsepower rating and the number of cylinders in the engine. Morris and Austin made a "16-6" model during the late 1920s and/or 1930s, and several other makers made cars that (while marketed under a different name, i.e. Standard Flying Sixteen) could have been internally described as a "16-6" model.

Also, as this is a dealership pamphlet it may be referring to models from different manufacturers.

If you scan the document and attach it to the thread It might help ID the cars involved.

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Thanks for your reply Dave. It is my belief that these models are all of the same brand and are American in manufacture. However, that is based on additional info. from the paperwork which you were obviously not privy to. Although I thought that the model names might be sufficient for identification that doesn't appear to be the case. Your suggestion to scan the documents is a good one, but they are not of very good quality for that, so I will add more pertinent facts and try again.

The models "C", "M", and 16-6 are respectively 2, 5, and 7 passenger models; and they have 4, 4, and 6 cylinder engines. Wheel bases are 106", 112", and 130". Tire sizes are 34 x 4", 34 x 4 1/2", and 36 x 4 1/2". All are A.L.A.M. rated at 36 H.P. (possibly a typing error since the 6 cyl. would likely have had a higher rating) with cork lined cone clutches.

Hopefully this will now "ring a bell" for someone.

Thanks again, Bob

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