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Let me introduce you to our newest soon to be old car fan.

dan at larescorp

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Guest PhippsAuto

Congratulations! Boys are great; I've got 2 of my own (12 and 14). Time flies ... Cherish every moment! From now on, your life is divided into "Before Sean" and "after Sean." Before you know it, he'll be ready to drive that Studebaker.

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Thanks again! My wife didn't want a boy at first but she is in love now. I told her from the begining that I only wanted to worry about 1 little boy in the future, not all of them.:P

The wife and I have known each other since the 5th grade. We both met a friend by the name of Sean in 5th grade also. Him and I have been friends since. He was killed in Afghanistan last year while serving our country in the Marines. We both thought it would be great to be able to tell a story of honor and courage as to why he got that name.

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Guest oldgascar


Congrats to you & your wife. Sean is a beautiful boy. As others have said , cherish every moment, as time will go by very fast. My youngest (a girl) is almost 22yrs old. & still in college. I have 2 older boys and they have blessed my wife & I with 3 grandchildren and another on they way. The name you chose is a wonderful way to honor your friend.

Now start reading this blog and Hemmings Motors to him every day so he can start learning to be an old car guy !!! :-)

Bob F. Louisville, Kentucky

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