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38 Century bumpers

Guest RonJar

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Hi folks, took the bumpers off my 38 to-day, the mounting holes in the bumper are round, not square to accept the square on a normal bumper bolt. The inside bolts aren't a problem because the bumperettes hold the bolt from turning.

The end bolts though are slightly oval to fit into the "grove" on the bumper and they want to turn when loosening or tightening them. This of course chews up the chrome around the hole. Is there a trick to working with these bolts, especially when tight and rusty? Do they make these bolts to accept an allen key? How about a hack saw slot in the back of the bolt to put an offset screw driver into? I don't want to bugger up the fresh chrome on the bumpers I'll be installing.

Thanks, RonJ

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Guest Grant Magrath

Maybe clean the threads up a bit and lube them? a nice fresh spring washer, and a buddy to put pressure on the bolt head, and you should be away laughing!



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