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64 Bonneville convertible problems

Guest Bonny

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Hi everyone,

I recently pulled my Bonneville out of a barn its been sitting in since 1977. I was cleaning the mildew out of the interior and could not see really well so i manually pulled the top back about half way. It held there and i went in to eat dinner and it had rolled back in the down position when i came out. I cannot get the top back up! I tried powering it up and the pump is locked up. I even tapped on the pump and all it will do is click. My brother and i picked up on both sides while my fiancee worked the switch and the main frame will not budge off the cylinders. I unscrewed the hydraulic lines at the bottom of both cylinders and unscrewed the fill on the pump motor and i could hear gargling then when i lifted on the top. I believe the cylinders are frozen. Correct me if im wrong but the cylinders are out when the top is up and compressed when it is down. I have sprayed ALOT of wd40 on all the pivot points and it acts like it is sill stuck. I dont want to tear it up or force it up. The canvas top was put on the car new in 77 before it was parked and the top frame is in good shape. My cousin that drove the car last said the top operated fine except he would have to help it up while operating the switch. Can anyone tell me how to unhook the cylinder from the frame so i can manually put the top up. I have been told the top can shrink although it is in my garage. Unfortunately there is not much room to work with the top down. Thank you for any ideas.




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