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Need Help - AACA Fall Meet - Hershey, PA

Guest revgawright

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Guest revgawright

Is anyone going to Hershey in October 10th - 13th and coming from Iowa, Illinois or West?

I won't be going but need help transporting some parts. I'm looking at some parts from a man who will be going to Hershey. If anyone will be heading west on the return trip and would be driving along I-80 near the Iowa/Illinois border and would be interested in making a few bucks, please contact me. Would have to have room for a couple of fenders and other body parts. Let's negotiate.

If interested, please call me at 309-236-3882.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,

Gary Wright

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Guest revgawright

Nobody going my way? I'd be happy to meet anywhere in Indiana/Illinois along interstate 80. Can't believe that there aren't a few coming from the west to Hershey? Could you use a little help with gas money?

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Guest revgawright

Mr. Peterson,

Thanks! I really appreciate you spreading the word. It would help me, and pay for part of the trip for whoever might like to help. I'll measure the items in the morning when the sun is up, but here are some pictures of the parts in question for a 1939 LaSalle:







I would be happy to go anywhere in Illinois and perhaps into Indiana along Interstate 80. Just don't have the time to make the trip into Pennsylvania (and dang it, that's killing me when I think of all the great parts on my shopping list that I'd probably find).

Also, I can ask the seller to disassemble the parts to make them easier to transport. I'm sure he would do it.


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