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Identify a Chevy radio head


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I picked this up at a swapmeet yesterday and it looks like a 36 radio but it has plastic on the face that the 36 head did not so I am trying to figure out the year,I could probably get some good money for it but since it matches the gauges in my 37 Chevy p/u I am going to hang it under the dash for decoration and use the switch to control my hidden radio. I might try to find the box and hook it to a shaft radio hidden inside.


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This radio head has the remains of plastic on the face so it looks like it was made into the 40s or possibly for other GM vehicles,I am going to make a faceplate/mounting bracket and paint it the color of the dash unless I trade it for another head but I really like this one since it matches my gauges.

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From all appearances, this is a 1936 Chevrolet radio head that someone has put a plastic cover plate on. The knobs, dial, and box match exactly. It is missing the chrome plated cover that replaced the radio delete plate. I used to have one of these along with the separate radio box and speaker, but only had one knob. Since the knobs are not reproduced, I couldn't find another knob and was not completely committed to installing, I sold it a number of years ago. At swap meets and on ebay, I've seen significant $$$ asked for these, although they included the chrome-plated cover (not reproduced and not easy to find).

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