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NEED HELP!!! Shift Conversion


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I'm in the process of changing my 66 Skylark from a column shift to a floor shift. My Consol was damaged in freight & I haven't got it back, so I don't have it as a point of reference. When we took up my carpets, I expected to find a removable panel on the hump. No such luck. Can anyone, PLEASE, give me a reference point & a dimension, to cut a hole in the hump, that will be in the right place to recieve my floor Shift.<P>Thanks in advance for any help.<P>Mike<BR>Skylark66@aol.com : confused.gif" border="0

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Call Mark Polastry in Weberville TX. He takes a LOT of these cars apart, and should have one or two out back that he can look at. 512-303-0833

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