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Today in History!

R W Burgess

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On September 21, 1893, a Mr. Frank Duryea of Springfield, Mass. drove one of America's first horseless carriages for a short test drive. This car was designed by Frank and his brother, Charles. The local real horses weren't happy about it, but Americans and the rest of the world are still celebrating this every day of the year.

A special thanks to Gloria Burgess for bringing this to her husband's attention!;)

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In our 120th year of the automobile, WOW. Most of the big AACA Shows and Tours display a broad selection of this 120 years of automotive history. We still celebrate the Duryea in the offical club logo, but the 3 cars in the header are more inclusive in representing what the AACA is all about. We're all antique cars, not just the first one. Mulitple images are fine with me. Of course I'd like it better if

it was a Model T, A 34 Ford and a Mustang, but the non Ford gang would think otherwise. Therefore the 3 images in a group are vague enough to satisfy us all. After all don't we all like most old cars?

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