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Coachbuilders Plans for a 1930 Chrysler CJ Coupe?

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I've begun the process of breaking down my 1930 CJ and am documenting & photographing pretty much everything as I go. So far I've stripped the front end off and will be moving on to the tub. Before I start that I'm now thinking about taking out the wooden frame coachbuilding, photographing it and planning its complete rebuild in ash. With that in mind, would anyone have any of the coachbuilders plans from this process? I'm under no illusion that they might not exist but perhaps someone has made their own? My body was built by Briggs Mfg Co which I've spent days reading about though I think most bodies would be mainly similar to Murray etc unless built by Locke which seemed a little fancy.

Heres some pics of my progress:


Chassis rails at the front are really quite thin, these will be mended.




There is a little bit of damage to the firewall from where the previous owner cut it up installing the Plymouth engine. If anyone has a CJ with original firewall i would love to see a photo so i know how to repair it.


This is the body number identifying it as a Briggs body.

Any info, photos or drawings anyone has for a Chrysler CJ coupe with rumble seat would be a great help as I've decided to restore this old girl to her former glory.

Additionally, if anyone in the UK has knowledge of the whereabouts or even has an original saleable 1930 Chrysler era engine (a stab in the dark I know) I would love to know too.



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Hi dudley I found it easyer to steel my coupe out then redo all the timber .I also did steel the roof out and the 19 in wheels look very good .

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