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2 1/4" Whitewall Bias Ply Tires


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I have 4 Firestone bias ply tires for sale that are correct for the 55-57 Tbirds - 14 x 7.5. They are in excellent condition, no scuffs at all. I estimate they have between 1000-2000 miles on them (bought my car with these tires on). These exact tires, new from Coker are $186 each plus shipping. These are the tires if you want the original vehicle look.

I would like to sell all 4 together for $450. I am located near Detroit but will get them shipped to you want to pay the shipping cost (probably around $80-100).

Please reply via this forum if interested. Thanks.


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Thanks for the comment. Here is what I found - 1) Gil's garage says "Ford Motor Co as well as other car manufactures added a 6 year Tire replacement recommendation, regardless of tread wear, to its website and all 2006 Owners Manuals." 2) the Rubber mfg associations says there is no science to support the 6 year tire wear out; 3) the first recommendation on this was made in Britain where the recommendation was, don't put tire into service after 6 years. 4) NHTSA says, "Some tire and vehicle manufacturers have issued recommendations for replacing tires that range from six to ten years of age. Consumers are advised to check with their tire or vehicle manufacturer for specific guidance." CONSUMER ADVISORY: Motorists Urged to Check Tires Before Summer Trips | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) The NHTSA detailed study published in 2009 is the best science published. It shows there is the greatest change in the material characteristics that would cause some sort of delamination but it happens in the first couple years after manufacturing and then slows. It further indicates that there did not see it having structural implications. I guess that is why they came out with, "check your tires". I do think the press had a field day with this and of course, Ford after the tire debacle of the 90's would also take a consumer safe position on replacing tires, doesnt matter to them.

I'm not trying to be casual about this, but i cant find any facts. I guess my view is to follow the government industry watchdog on this stuff NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) guidance which is, check the tires.

Anyway, these tires have a manufacturing date code of mid 2006.

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