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Rare Right Hand Drive Export Market Reatta

Guest BJM

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But this one truly is RHD. Converted and owned by Cliff and Doreen Humphries in New Zealand.

I had the pleasure of helping with parts for this car and later visiting with the Humphries in New Zealand.

I knew the photo was not legit, but wanted to post so one could see what it would look like. Now Jim, The Humphries car is indeed impressive. On a modern car, I don't see how they did it.

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If they could change the GTO (Holden) to LHD, they could swap the Reatta to RHD. Would like to know where the master cyl is. Looks like the dash panel is fabriated with headlight switch to left of HVAC and radio (aftermarket) but wipers are in LHD position.

Note the knee bloster on the passenger side (is that stock '91 ?) and the passenger mirror/dual window switch.

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I'd seen pictures of that RHD 91 before (probably on here) and agree, the quality of the conversion is outstanding. Looks like they had someone with very good plastic fabrication capability do a custom bezel for the IPC pod. All in, this had to be an expensive job to do, especially with the interior swap over. The one thing I notice that might have been done better is relocating the power mirror switch to the passenger (well, drivers side in this case) door panel. But, that is a small issue (and easily forgiven) considering what had to be done to make the car RHD.

Now, just think if that RHD 'vert were polo green! Indiana Jones would probably be after it as an artifact of greater rarity than the holy grail.


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