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I received the following email and was asked to post it here. Note that Patrick Crew (not me) is the contact person.

My 76-year-old next-door neighbor has mentioned that he wants to get rid of some of his cars that are piled up in and around his property. Being a broke-ass SOB, I can't afford to talk him out of any of them, but I've had a good look and I can't let these get any worse than they currently are. Here are 2 you might be interested in:

1940-ish Zephyr Club Coupe or Coupe Sedan. Half buried in blackberries, but 100% intact with all trim and the V12 engine. Dave said it ran when he parked it 15 years ago.

1946-ish Sedan with the suicide back doors. Same condition, same engine.

The Zephryr looks to be cancer-free, while the sedan has blackberries growing in through the floor. I'm not sure what he wants for them or what he'll take for them - but I know he wants them gone.

Located just outside of Corvallis, Oregon

Pat Crew



I will gladly filter Dave's calls and send serious folks his way.

He also has a 1953 Buick Woody Estate, 1957 Mercury Montclair Conv't, 1951 Cevrolet Sedan delivert, 1967 El Camino, 1962 Thunderbird Roadster, and a 1965 Thunderbird Coupe - condition similar to above. All are intact, complete, and very rough.

Here are some pictures:





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