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Fluid Drive Coupling Repair


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Would appreciate some help/advice on a leaking FD unit and a "clanking" noise that have just shown up within the last week. The car is a 1950 Dodge Coronet with the three-speed manual transmission behind the Fluid Drive coupling. The coupling is now leaking, enough so that there is a small puddle, maybe 2 teaspons on the garage floor the morning after a run the previous day. At about the same time that I noticed the leaking, I noticed a sharp "clanking" noise on deceleration. Sounds like a U-joint, but I think it:confused: is coming from the bellhousing/clutch/contact plate area, and wondering if the leaky FD has anything to do with it.

In any case, my mechanic who used to work on the car has retired, and I need to find someone who can look at this and perhaps repair the FD unit and determine what is causing the clanking. I am located about 30 miles NW of Boston, MA.

Any ideas on this condition and/or suggestions of people in my area that can help will be appreciated.

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