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REmote mirror switch/ Electronic Level Control


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Hi Everyone: IT's been awhile, I need your help!! I'm looking for a remote mirror switch mounted l door panel it has a switch for r/l mirror also there is a joy stick to work up/dwn/left/right the whole switch is chrome. 2: Electronic level control for factory air shocks thereare 6 pins in it for a 6 pin elec. harness. If anyone can help I would be greatly appreciated. The parts are for a 1983 Buick Prk Ave rwd 4 door 5.0 If anyone has these parts please e-mail a picture to me. I can't locate these parts to save my life. Thanks guys and have a great wk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for your help Jeff but no that is not the part. The switch bezel is maybe 2/2/2/2 there is a switch for l/r mirror and a joystick for up/dn/in/out. Thanks for your effort Jeff if you know someplace to get this please let me know ( parts are hard to come by ). Thanks again and have a great wk!!!!!!!!!!!!

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